Sunday, February 16th 2014

Thank you to all players who helped make the game better and greater so far! Note that if your first playthrough yields you less than 30 Doge, you can PM me for a key reset and I'll get right on it for you.

I have posted a roadmap for the coming planned content updates here, and you're more than welcome to post your ideas, suggestions and critiques in that thread as well! Lots of good things ahead!

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

The initial new wave of key invites went over great, and so far we're only 2500 Doge into total payouts! Plenty more room for new users.

Servers held up well (save for one small glitch), and if this survives until tomorrow, I think the payout system can be considered stable and final.

Monday, February 10th 2014

After spending all night banging my head against the keyboard in frustration trying to fix several issues, the system-driven automatic payouts are now in place. You can also reset your key directly from your account balance on the brand-new Payouts page.

Load times across the site may increase slightly, as the whole thing is heavily hooked into DogeAPI now and dependant on their response times.

All player keys have been reactivated. Runestones and Recovery shards no longer trigger in the Caves (spells however still do). There's a bunch of minor changes and bugfixes too long to list here, most of which weren't glaringly obvious. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!.